#BackToSchool #AcademicSuccess #OverseasEducation #Scholarships (#Beasiswa)

Jakarta, Indonesia

Wow, it is already the last day of the Lebaran Holiday.

For most kids, tomorrow will be your #BackToSchool day. Hope you and your family’s having fun preparing for tomorrow.

This weekend, I came across a very good read @kompasklass #edukasi that might inspire you and your family in restarting your academic journeys.

It’s about how to earn overseas scholarships.

I myself won a scholarship back in the days when I was in the University of California at Berkeley.  And I got to agree with what the writer of the #kompas piece said.

In essence:

1.  There are super many scholarships out there (for the super smart, for the underprivileged, for the ingenious, for the creative, but mainly; for those who work HARD).

2.  Research (where, what, which, how, DATELINES…thank goodness for google! 😉 ).

3.  Prepare, prepare, prepare. Make it relevant!

Get those letters of recommendations (remember, people are busy, allow for a lot of time for them to write you sterling ones, make it easy on them, type up reminders about; who you are, highlights of your relevant academic & business relationships and relevant achievements).

Know what you want, find out the basics, build and complete everything meticulously (don’t let basic errors/clumsiness get in the way of your application; typos, missed deadlines, missing documents etc.).

4. Apply and toughen up.

How do you know that you’re not gonna get a scholarship if you don’t even apply?  If declined, reset, re-research and re-apply.

YOU can do it. Good luck! 😉

Lily Dawis (twitter: @LilyDawis)

*(Inspired by a piece by Ahmad Fuadi, twitter: @fuadil . Am so going to the bookstore to get his book: “Beasiswa 5 Benua: 100 Kiat Merebut Beasiswa Luar Negeri”)

**Lily Dawis is a mother of 3 kids below 8.  Among other official business stuffs she composes songs and writes children stories. Her first album; Bubbles of Love (www.bubblesoflove.net) is the first and (4 years later) still the only album from Indonesia, by Indonesians, successfully registered in the United States Copyright Office. If you like what you read, please subscribe and feel free to share. Thank you for visiting and reading!**





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