INVITATION: We Want Our Family to Include YOU!

Jakarta, Indonesia
     Since the first few days of 2015 still afresh, we thought it would be good to get our resolutions for this year out in the open.
     #BubblieFamily’s 2015 resolution:
We ❤ #3Dprinting #music #stories #movements #crafts.  We found when we bond with our family, we discover many things from one another almost everyday.  In 2015, we want so much to expand our family to include YOU, sharing what we found and learning from one another!
     Here are some notable specific resolutions of our characters. Spent quite some time yesterday trying to capture the pictures to get the “reflection” aspect and nuances in one frame per character ;). Hope you like them.
     Hello! I am #KeyBubblie of the #BubblieKids (#KeyBubblie #AriaBubblie #NasyaBubblie).
keybubblie 2015 resolution
My 2015 resolutions are:
1. To keep evolving.
I was a hand sketched character in 2011, a 2D by 2012, somewhat 3D through #clayarts in 2013 (pictured above as a pencil topper) and became a #3dprinted #3dprintable character by 2014. Looking forward to have more mobile limbs in 2015 🙂
2. To travel more.
3. To make more music through bonding with my family & YOU.


 PJ resolution
I am #PinkJellyfish, #bff of the #BubblieKids from #Bubbliapolis!
My resolutions for 2015 :
1. Inspire my creator to make a #3dprinted version of me 😄
2. To bond more with my friends & family.
3. Find my #UniqueGreatness through awesome adventures with the #BubblieFamily.
4. Hopefully inspire more kids to have fun with us & discover themselves.
     Lily Dawis: #BubblesOfLove’s resolution for 2015 is to share more of the love and learning that we found from bonding as a family in real life as well as through the musical, theatrical and moving adventures & discoveries of the #BubblieFamily and #BubblieKids characters.

After all, from birth & growth of the music to the stories to the characters have been quite amazing unexpected journeys.  The songs just flowed out of me since 8+ years ago starting from when I was craddling my days old firstborn in my arms.
Many more songs were born through bonding with my children perhaps as ways to convey my love & hopes for them beyond words.  Truly did not expect to publish any of the songs until they were discovered by legendary Indonesian producer #JamesFSundah.  The rest is history as it became the one & only album from Indonesia registered in the US Copyright office (since 2010). Then, the sharing began 💕
     *This post first appeared as separate posts on our instagram account @bubblesofloveMusic. Lily Dawis is an author, composer and producer.  Constantly juggling family life with other official business stuffs, she cooks with her children, composes songs, writes children stories, restaurant reviews and simply create.  Her hobby is cake designing (#LDcakedreams). Her first album; Bubbles of Love ( is the first and (5 years later) still the only album from Indonesia, by Indonesians, successfully registered in the United States Copyright Office. If you like what you read, please subscribe and kindly share. Thank you for visiting and reading!**

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