Key Bubblie’s Tokyo Explorations : Tokyo Dome

Jakarta, Indonesia

My family went to Tokyo last December.

We took Key Bubblie (3Dprinted version 2.0), one of the main characters in Bubbles of Love, along with us. With this post and a few others, Key Bubblie will highlight his most memorable moments, hope you like them.. 😉

On one of the days, we went off to Tokyo Dome in search of some amusement for the kids as it came rather highly recommended by our friends who are Tokyo residents.

Key Bubblie posing in front of the giant carousel

Tokyo Dome itself is a huge stadium which sits in Tokyo Dome City which also housed an amusement park. The area is spacious and well laid out so kids do not have to go elbow to elbow with stadium goers.  It also has a variety of family friendly restaurants, supermarkets and shopping venues.

We like the place, very family friendly, the amusement park has no cover charge and allows for per ride ticket thus very flexible for families who have a few kids with different preferences (like ours!).

It is especially good for families with kids above 6 years old as lots of rides are quite adventurous and unique.  Some are semi manual rides which could be great for extra workouts and family bonding!


Fun one, got to pull a string to bring yourselves up the pillar and then released it slowly to come down again

Fun one, riders have to pull a string to bring selves up the pillar and then release it slowly to come down again

The amusement park also has an animals touching zoo.  Popular and good for families with younger kids (note: open ~10-17 only).  Spotted some dogs, goats, different kinds of rabbits among others.  No pictures because when we found it, they were tidying up to close for the day :p

To cap off the evening, we decided to have dinner at Moomin Cafe.

Enjoying a family meal with Moomin sitting at our table accompanying us was a heartwarming experience. The kids’ meals: uber cute!

Key Bubblie's admiring the cute Kids' meal with Moomin sitting with us.. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


On hindsight, should have dined during off hours coz dinner hours = 45-60 mins wait. Dining time’s also limited to 90 mins, so families with fussy eaters should be wary 😅.

Though we had ours at the Tokyo Dome we saw another Moomin Cafe at Tokyo Skytree a few days prior also sporting similarly long lines.

Till next time Bubblies!!

Meanwhile, Happy Bonding! 🙂

*Constantly juggling family life with other official business stuffs, Lily Dawis cooks with her children, composes songs, writes children stories, restaurant reviews and simply creates.  Her hobby is cake designing (#LDcakedreams).  Her first album; Bubbles of Love ( is the first and (5 years later) still the only album from Indonesia, by Indonesians, successfully registered in the United States Copyright Office.  Do join us for a conversation (or two or more ;)), let’s start a community of families looking for ways to bond better with each other.  Please subscribe and kindly share. Thank you for visiting and reading!**






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