Can’t Be GREAT if Don’t Even START

Jakarta, Indonesia

“Oh! What will happen to the world if we just sit idly by”










“I don’t know about you, but I know that I can’t be GREAT if I don’t even START”


These two sentiments pretty much sum up how I generally feel.

So glad got the opportunity to inspire and motivate hundreds of primary students a few days ago at Binus International Serpong.  This was a special occasion as it’s my second year doing so.  Mr. Rico of Binus shared how inspired the students were by last year’s talk that they decided to invite me again.  Truly a great honour! Tq Ms. Elsie and Mr. Rico.

During the workshop, shared my understanding about what being an author was about, how to do idea generations and what being a Bubblie (citizen of Bubbliapolis, city of our imagination) entails (hints: know to want and how to find #uniquegreatness and #creativityexplosions ;)).

Students and teachers alike all participated excitedly and intelligently during the active workshop.  We sang, danced, bantered and bonded during the 60 minutes that just fleww, due to us having had so much fun.


So happy kids’ bright eyes grow even brighter because of Bubbles of Love.  Hope we get many more opportunities to make more positive impacts as we grow!  Hope to see you again soon Binusians! (LD)





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