Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore

“Patience my dears, will mostly be rewarding… ” #LilyDawis #bubblesoflovequotes #bubblesoflove


The BubblieKids love visiting #hellokittyorchidgardensg ! We were worried that the cafe would close by the time we got our luggages, close to 10 pm last night. But apparently #hellokittycafesg, located at the #arrival section of terminal 3 #changiairport #Singapore, is a #24hours #cafe! It was bustling with activity and we were seated 30 minutes later (we learned there that usual wait is about 2 hours!). The #hellokitty theme blends elegantly with the gorgeous #orchids adorning the ceilings and walls.

Standing in line, with whole #family in tow to get to a #restaurant, there bound to be #expectations and #restlessness from the #littleones.  I learned to manage my own expectations and am curious to observe. Thus, in my books, #familyrestaurant would be a success based on how smiley we would be as a group at the end of the meal ;).

The menu at #hellokittycafesg is rather innovative, incorporating local ingredients to offer unique selections.  Worthy of mention based on taste is the minimally decorated #rendangpotpie.  Our little white choco #hellokitty on the #bananasplit was smudged and a few carrot slices adorning salads had lost their #hk shape.  Service was slow but sure, apologetic & #familyfriendly.  Nonetheless, at end of meal, close to midnight, moods have shifted, frowns have turned to unmistakeable smiles. So, for that sliver of #magic, we think the #photogenic #hellokittycafesg is not a novelty and deserve 😄😄😄😄 out of 5 smiles 😁




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