About us


We know that time is very scarce nowadays yet families want to create closer bonds while the kids still grow smarter in all aspects.

At Bubbles of Love, we ask this question everyday: #what_inspires_kids_to_greatness ?

Along the way, we came across superb resources & found amazing people who have been generous in sharing what they know so OUR kids can start their own personal journeys to find their unique greatness, with ease.

At this blog, you can join the conversation and explore original contents created with one thing in mind;

making sure that at all times, babies and kids stay the subjects and not objects of their innocence & childhood.

It is of course an added bonus that our Music Stories Movements & Crafts work seamlessly together in helping enhance body balance + synchronize left & right brain functions!

Browse our site to find out how tens of thousands kids around the world have found and don’t forget to buy our highly acclaimed songs and stories to start bonding closer with your families.

Happy bonding & exploring! 😉

*The founder of Bubbles of Love is Lily Dawis, a mother of three, composer, author, avid reader and a forever student with great passion in early age education. 

Her first album; Bubbles of Love (www.bubblesoflove.net) is the first and (4 years later) still the only album from Indonesia, by Indonesians, successfully registered in the United States Copyright Office. Her bi-lingual book of the same title is highly acclaimed by the nation’s foremost parenting magazines and opinion leaders.  Bubbles of Love has been recognized by the most respected talkshows and national medias (KickAndy-MetroTV,  The RollingStones Indonesia, Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia, Bisnis Indonesia, and more).  The songs are available on cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon.com and all world class retailers.

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